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What has 2020 got in store for you?

What has 2020 got in store for you?

Last week I attended the Meaning conference, a day of talks exploring personal, environmental, and business issues and prompting a lot of thought and ideas. Sharing ideas though the networking, and over great food with great people made for an inspiring day. One of the talks highlighted that for those who engage with our businesses, relevance is always key and validating what your audience is looking for matters more now, in our busy world, than ever. That really set me thinking.

Every business is different, it serves its individual target market, its existing customers, its prospects. Your products are designed to meet their needs. Your work tailored to their needs and wants. Yet, all that said, most, if not all, successful businesses are evolving, and changing what they do to build better business. That’s why we developed the business audit so that business owners can identify where to focus next for best effect. (You can take the audit here… )

In planning the schedule of content for 2020 I would like to focus on the things that make a difference to you as you build better business.

In wondering what next year has in store for you, and your business, these questions may help. What are the plans you are working on where you have less than perfect knowledge? Which subjects would the input of others be helpful for you? Where do you need to draw on experience to avoid making costly mistakes?

If there are specific (business) topics then let me know and we’ll focus on them if we have the knowledge, skills, and experience or we’ll seek out an expert for a podcast or guest blog.

I look forward to hearing from you, either in the comments here or in a private message.