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When William addresses your group, he connects the audience with the future they seek to build and ensures that everyone is engaged in the event. William is an accomplished speaker and employs many different techniques to reach out during an event. Participants will leave with implementable actions, insights,  and new approaches to help them excel in all relevant aspects of their business and personal  lives. Hidden potential in you, and your team,  is just waiting to be unlocked. As a leader, your job is to find out what motivates your team members and get them to perform to their highest potential. As an individual you want to align your goals and aims with others so that together you can achieve those goals sooner and more effectively. Successful businesses set themselves free, they are strategically strong and have aligned teams focussed on the right things. They use their skills and experience to deliver them well. They have a common passion and purpose, communicated consistently, delivered impeccably.  
It can be difficult to determine the best way to reach an entire group at once; different people respond to different stimuli;  what works for one person can fall flat with another. There are several ways you can unleash the power of positive change in your business. Using the power of the best stories of successes realised and challenges overcome; the lessons learned, delivered with clarity, and insightful relevance, William will set you on that road immediately. William Buist facilitates change in organizations and increases productivity, by building team spirit and tailoring a program that is right for the needs of your organization. William is the founder and owner of Abelard Collaborative Consultancy, as well as the founder of the exclusive xTEN Club. He is a highly-regarded business leader, innovator, speaker, consultant and author.

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