Case Study

The Challenge

Having a robust strategic business design was a key requirement of my client who works in a strongly regulated market.

It is essential that his business meets all the requirements of the various regulations that are imposed on it at all times.

The Solution

Regulations are a challenge for any business so it is key to get the business design defined so that it ensures compliance. That also needs to be maintained and improved over time to ensure customers are properly and fairly treated. Therefore, I provide regular strategic reviews of the business as an active and responsible part of my client’s senior team. Requirements are systematically reviewed and any changes, where necessary, implemented.

That also supports the identification, design and delivery of new systems and products to support the business.


Business Design


Strategic Planning


Project Implementation

  • New Products 20% 20%
  • Strategic Systems Design and IT 30% 30%
  • Finance and Cost Control 10% 10%
  • Leadership Mentoring 30% 30%
  • Strategic Social Marketing 10% 10%

Consistent Results

Over the course of several years, I have been supporting and developing new products, systems and routes to market.

By having a clear strategic aim and clarity of purpose the business has maintained profitability throughout a variable market. It controls costs when necessary and manages investments to optimise and sustain profits.

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