Case Study

The Challenge

Our client approached us because their project based work created short-term needs for additional team space. Their current office space catered for that need with unused capacity, which carried a significant cost.  Their lease was under review and was likely to have a substantial price increase at the renewal of between +60% and +100%.

The Solution

We identified the challenges of relocating the operation of the business. It was determined that the optimum time to change was now, with new projects soon to start that will need additional teams. Moving now meant that disruption to those strategic projects will be minimised. An alternative flexible working arrangement was negotiated in new premises and the old space was released early, without penalty.


Clarity & Strategy Development



Day Turnaround

Annual Savings



The Results Were Perfect

At a strategic review cost of less that £2,000 the business can now add space in a modular fashion when project work demands it and release it when the projects end.

This work has reduced like for like costs down from c12k to roundly c3k per month with immediate effect unlocking sustainable profits of c£100,000 per annum.

The work provided a greater than 50 fold return on investment plus sustainable future savings. It also enables the business to be much more agile for all its future client projects.

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