Case Study

The Challenge

My client was asked to take on a new role within the business and recognised that they lacked some of the skills needed to achieve their personal and businesses goals.

The business expected results for the work to improve immediately and the need to learn quickly ‘on the job’ was essential.

The Solution

I recommended regular review of the vision, goals and tasks required and feedback and analysis of past results. In each call, we examined the planning for the next year, quarter, month and next few days. Focusing on achievable short-term goals in a strategic framework ensures positive short-term results. Allied to that is certainty of delivering real long term value.


Strategic Planning


Feedback and analysis


Option Identification


of target delivered.

Immediate Achievements

The insights and experience we could bring to the planning ensured that the focus of work was designed to stretch and develop capabilities whilst mitigating and minimising risk to the business. Improved awareness of the rationale and intentions of others in the team allowed my client to avoid costly mistakes. After 2 months the results were already exceeding targets.

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