Case Study

The Challenge

My client had expanded their team and was planning to add more staff soon. In the early days, everyone could do everything that needed doing. The team were very flexible and often turned their hands to support others, but increasingly that was causing tensions and miscommunications.

Staff were often unclear of their responsibilities beyond their direct job description and were unsure how to progress which became more important as an organisational structure evolved and the business grew.

The Solution

Working closely with the senior team we identified the key roles and developed profiles that addressed both deliverable outcomes and personal behavioural attributes needed to perform the role. We also identified the expectations for each person performing the role, both when new to the role and when experienced, as well as what was needed to manage others in that role.


Personal Competency


Business Role


Responsible & Accountable

Eliminate Costly Mistakes

The role profile approach combines role competencies (shown here), and personal competencies, which allowed the business to ensure the teams know exactly what to do. For the team, it ensures that each person is clear on the value they add and it allows the business to integrate new members of staff so that they add value much faster than before. The approach significantly reduced costly mistakes and improved the culture and atmosphere for all.

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