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The Master Delegator Podcast

by | Jul 7, 2023

The Master Delegator Podcast with William Buist

Host: Kristy Yoder

Imagine you’re a chef in a bustling kitchen, preparing a delicious meal for your customers. As a chef, you have a unique set of skills and talents. Some chefs are exceptional at creating mouthwatering desserts, while others excel at cooking savoury dishes. Now, imagine if every chef in the kitchen tried to do everything on their own, from dessert to main course, from appetizers to drinks. The result would be chaotic, and the quality of the dishes would suffer.

In this episode of the Master Delegator Podcast, Kristy Yoder and William Buist discuss why focusing on your strengths rather than your weaknesses as a business leader is essential for growth and stability. Your ability to successfully utilize the necessary skills and abilities to generate success depends on your ability to recognize and use your core strengths.



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