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Confessions of a Sales Pro

by | Jul 20, 2023

Confessions of a sales pro image.

Host: Ian Selbie

In this confessions of a sales pro podcast, host Ian Selbie sits down with me for a lively conversation. Together, we delve into the fascinating world of intentional mastery and the importance of focused decision-making in business. Drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experiences, we provide valuable insights on bridging the gap between knowing you’re doing the right thing and achieving desired results.

One key takeaway from the conversation is the significance of using your clients’ language in your marketing efforts. I stress that by understanding how your customers talk about you (when you aren’t there!) reflects the value they receive from your business. If you replay that language in your marketing, you are far more likely to communicate your fundamental value proposition. Listening to your customers and understanding their needs is essential in building a robust and referenceable brand and reputation. I advise seeking deeply to understand what your product or service does for your customer, from their point of view, rather than as a list of features and benefits. A customer-centric approach helps refine your offerings and enables you to make better strategic decisions, unlocking the barriers to success. Listen to the podcast to find out more.

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