Building Better Business - MASTERY Group

Step beyond your expertise and build better business

Step beyond your Expertise

The Mastery Group is for a maximum of six ambitious and determined business owners and is facilitated by William Buist. It’s designed so that you will be heard, and appreciated, for your hard won skills, whilst accessing the insights you need to be even more impactful every day.

Please only apply if you are ready to work hard to improve yourself.


You have a successful business and a good reputation, now it is time to be properly recognised.

Belonging to your Mastery group will take courage, and as you stretch yourself your clients will appreciate the additional value you create.


You know there is still an element of dissatisfaction, a missing piece of the puzzle.

Belonging to your Mastery group gives you the space to carve out time to work on your business and learn from others experience.


Delve deep into the opportunities for your business so you can be recognised as the master of your market.

Belonging to your Mastery Group allows you to discuss and reflect in a highly confidential, insightful, supportive environment.

What you can expect:

Nothing will ever be the same again. The mastery group has been described as the next best thing to therapy!


The Mastery Group provides in-depth explorations that unveil the secrets you need to become the true master of your skills.


We will push your boundaries. The discussions may make you feel uncomfortable at times when we explore what needs to be done.



The group will delve deep into your situation – confidentially uncovering  hidden details and nuance –  creating a deeply shared trust.


Steve Bustin

Business Owner, Get your voice heard

William is a brilliant strategist – I’ve known William since at least 2004. His sound advice and business knowledge is essential in today’s market
Rich Wooten

Business Owner

Simon Daniels

Marketing Operations Consultant