a 6 months exclusive facilitated mastermind group starting in October 2021 for for 6 business owners

Building Better Business - MASTERY GRoup

Surround yourself with expertise!

You’ll be part of a small group of no more than 6 business owners working together for 6 months. Designed for successful business owners who want to be Masters of their markets and to be Building Better Business together. You will find the collective knowledge, resources, and support of your Mastery group accelerates your success.

If accepted, we’ll meet each month on Zoom facilitated by William Buist who also provides 121, email and telephone support for you.


Mastermind sessions to unlock your business performance.


121’s, email, and phone support to focus  your work.


It is time to focus your efforts to make it even better. 


On the strategies your business needs.


Monthly Mastermind Meetings.


Collective accountability with the group.

Find out if the Building Better Business Mastery Group is for you. Let’s talk…

Mastering your skills is just the start. 

Can you attract the prospective customers you need? What else do you need to do?

Are you winning enough business?

Are your income and profit sufficient and consistent?

Are you making effective decisions, every time?

Do you have enough time for all the things you enjoy?

Uncovering Insights

Better understanding of your business, its strategic intention and your markets. 

A proven process to give you clarity and motivation to succeed.

Reliable profits

Better alignment to your intention and stronger focus on your approach.

Stay accountable, stay focused.

Better decisions

Better inform your decisions with insights from the group.

Better decisions build a better business.

The Mastery Group meeting will take place for three hours once a month for 6 months on the First Thursday of each month.

We start on October 7th at 9:00am.


Before the Mastery Group starts you can complete the business audit and receive an eight page report. It will indicate some immediate actions you can take to improve your strategic approach to Building Better Business.


During your membership of the Mastery Group you will gather insights about your business model, how you makes money, how efficiently it operates, and can explore the opportunities in front of you.


Your 121’s with William will enable you to explore your strategy further, and accelerate your results.


Find out if the Building Better Business Mastery Group is for you. Let’s talk…

Pay Monthly

The 6 month subscription option
£318/Per Month plus VAT
  • 6 Monthly Group Mastery Meetings.
  • eMail support.
  • Phone support.
  • 1 hour 121 with William Buist every 3 months
  • Audit report.
  • Pre-start objective setting.
William structures things in such a way that thought-provoking discussions follow seamlessly.
Lis Allen

Business Owner

The topics are craftily created to provoke thought and as an attendee, I feel confident I’m continuing to learn weekly whilst mixing with highly skilled business owners.

‘Building Better Business’ encourages action and instils motivation for change.

Gill Fountain

Business Owner

William is a brilliant strategist – I’ve known William since at least 2004. His sound advice and business knowledge is essential in today’s market
Rich Wooten

Business Owner