Building Better Business - MASTERY Group

Step beyond your expertise and build better business

Step beyond your Expertise

The Building Better Business Mastery Group isn’t for the faint-hearted. If you’re not determined to work hard and achieve greatness, then please don’t apply. But, if you have the passion and determination to break through, then it’s time to join this exclusive group in order to play at the top of your game.


You already have a successful business and a good reputation in your field.

This Mastery Group is not about mending a broken business. It is about growth, wisdom and excelling in what you do. It is about becoming the business, and being the person, that clients want to brag about working with.


There’s nothing broken – so what’s the burning issue? You know something is missing and you can’t put your finger on it.

You need to find time for working on your business, to figure out what needs to change.


Now is the time to get the insights you need and to develop Mastery in your business.

Your Mastery Group allows you to discuss and reflect in a highly confidential, insightful and supportive environment, alongside five other successful business owners, facilitated by William.

Find out if the Building Better Business Mastery Group is for you. Let’s talk…

What you can expect:

Nothing will ever be the same again


The Mastery Group facilitates profound enquiry that unlocks and uncovers the insights into the techniques and resources you need.

Doing that allows you to reach beyond your current capabilities, stretching your expertise, mastering what you do.


We will push your boundaries. The discussions may make you feel uncomfortable at times when we dissect what needs to be done.

You will be in an environment where everyone learns from and supports each other.  


The Group will explore your situation and build understanding and trust in a highly confidential, insightful and supportive collective environment.  

We will get to know each other well from our shared experiences, creating a deep trust. Enduring, strong friendships are common.

Find out if the Building Better Business Mastery Group is for you. Let’s talk…

William structures things in such a way that thought-provoking discussions follow seamlessly.
Lis Allen

Business Owner

William is a brilliant strategist – I’ve known William since at least 2004. His sound advice and business knowledge is essential in today’s market
Rich Wooten

Business Owner

‘Building Better Business’ encourages action and instils motivation for change.

Gill Fountain

Business Owner