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An extra push to unlock the potential in your business or to get a new idea flying using a facilitated expert mastermind

The concept of a mastermind group is simple. Applying the collective knowledge skill and experience from a group of professionals to an opportunity or a challenge will maximise value. 

A mastermind group brings together the experts and practitioners that have detailed knowledge, individual skills honed in their role, and the experience of a lifetime. Vital experience gained whilst learning and applying that knowledge and skill, both successfully and not. You bring your team, we bring an exceptional facilitator and a subject matter expert to ensure that your team focus on the thngs that truly matter.

By taking an idea, a challenge, or an opportunity and exploring it in a structured way to apply that collective knowledge skill and experience creates new insights that drive significant additional value into the work that follows.  



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do MasTermind Groups Work?
Each delegate has an opportunity to share their topic and is ready to provide the detail that allows others to apply their wisdom to the discussion.  
Why an external facilitator?

Facilitation is vitally important because delegates are close to the topics that they seek to explore, which will restrict the vision that is needed to find new solutions to existing challenges, and makes it harder to harness opportunities quickly.

Our expert facilitation uses a proven process to maximise the insights you will gain on the topics you bring for discussion. An external facilitator isn’t influenced by hierarchy, or internal politics, freeing the meeting to ignore the day to day constraints. Insights come at the edges of understanding, and the facilitator’s role is to take the group to the edge so that the outcomes draw on the insights that are found.

Why a topic expert?

By having an independent subject area expert you ensure you get access to wider experience and knowledge than is possible from your internal team alone. Time and again the external expert has accelerated and magnified the immediate impact of discussions on outcomes.

Do mastermind groups require mutual trust?

Mastermind groups work best with teams who are seeking to achieve challenging outcomes and know that they could do more. The mutual understanding and trust within an established team can make masterminding a vital additional tool to accelerate performance. 

If the team is less established, or where trust is sub-optimal, then Mastermind groups can rapidly accelerate the (re)building of trust that is needed for exceptional performance.

What process do you follow?

Each topic is discussed in a five-stage facilitated process.

  1. Statement of the topic. 
  2. Exploratory Questions. 
  3. Reflection. 
  4. Feedback and Insights, 
  5. Action Planning.

It sounds deceptively simple, but. like many things, there is nuance in the detail.

Is there strict confidentiality?

The groups are confidential, so everyone can speak freely, and with candour. The conclusions may leave the room and be put into practice, but the discussions will not. 

What does a mastermind session cost?

Costs start from £2,500 plus VAT and expenses and include both a facilitator and a topic expert for up to 6 hours at your premises.

How many of my team can attend
We recommend 10-12 people in total, half attending each of two sessions of up to 3 hours.
“William’s Mastermind groups have always been thought-provoking​ and powerful. He provides a safe and professional environment within which to discuss your business and explore possible solutions to an issue that may have been eluding you. He keeps the group focused and facilitates the discussion to ensure that results are achieved.

At William’s heart is the belief that collaboration is the key to business success – and he demonstrates this again and again during his Mastermind groups, in his networking and in his business.”

Chantal Cooke,

Managing Director, Panpathic Communications

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