William Buist

William is a strategic mentor to business leaders, speaker and author who works with owner-led businesses. William brings his experience of business, risk management and sensible pragmatism to bear on your business.

Together we will deliver:



I’ll make sure that you have a clear understanding of the components of your business model so that you can focus on the right things.


Design the actions to take in the context of a long-term plan and do the right things on purpose.



Make sure you do the right things in the right way at the right time. Unlock sustainable profits and design the business to give you more time and less stress.

With a strategically designed programme:

We will focus on exactly what is needed now to deliver your agreed long term strategy.

All William’s programmes are flexible and these are some examples, call William today to discover if your business is eligible.

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What Clients Say…

Don’t just take it from me…

William is awesome!  His ability to take a blue sky idea and, in concert with others, turn it into a practical action plan, while drawing creative behaviours out of the other participants, is quite simply breathtaking. The commitment he wins from his fellow collaborators is born of the trust and admiration he inspires in those who work with him.

He brings structure to chaos while somehow managing to maintain high levels of input from his co-workers. The end point, which is never forgotten, is effective output, with agreed targets, clear actions and buy-in from the team.

All this is done with wit, warmth and and a wonderful sense of shared endeavour. He is a joy to work with. I strongly recommend him.”

Sir Charles Cockburn

Chairman, Portcullis Group

“I have been in business around 25 years and during this period, I have sometimes needed to step back and re-focus. This is what I needed this year and I looked around at who could possibly help.

I chose William for his practical approach and when I started the first session we really went back to basics using a very engaging model – Clarity, Strategy and Implementation.

This really helped me focus, which is exactly what I needed.

Would I recommend William? Without a doubt. I am sure you will find his ability to challenge and guide alongside his support will really aid you.”

Ron Rosenhead

Owner, Project Agency

“My co-director has been working with William for just over a year. During that time I have seen him entirely change his perspective on the operational and strategic issues in our business.

For the first time in longer than I can remember I have a real business partner in the room who is willing to take on board issues outside his own area of technical specialism and look at the company and its needs as a Director.

It has dramatically improved the way we work and the regular reviews and accountability mean we can not ignore issues”

Annabel Kaye

Managing Director, Irenicon