Starting and running a small business can be challenging; I know I’ve had ups and downs over the last two decades, and some variation is inevitable. It was most difficult for me when I didn’t have the proper guidance and support.

A business mentor can be valuable to any small business owner looking to grow and succeed. Read more about what a business mentor is in this post …

However, not all business mentors are created equal. In this blog post, I share the promises and commitments I make to you as your business mentor.

Clear Communication

One of the primary commitments I make to you is always to communicate clearly and effectively. Communication is critical in any relationship; a mentor-mentee relationship is no exception. I actively listen; I am trained in creating environments that give you “time to think” based on the work of Nancy Kline).

Powerful questions

I’ll ask powerful and insightful questions and provide critiques based on your answers and my experience. When you request it, and only if I have relevant experience, I will provide clear and concise instructions. Clear communication ensures we stay on the same page, working towards your goals.


I will hold you accountable for the actions and decisions you agree to without judgement. To achieve your goals, I want you to stay on track. I will ensure that the steps you need to take are understood and that you have the capacity for the work you must undertake. I also expect you to hold me accountable for any aspect of our work where I commit to you.


Our work will be undertaken in a safe and trusting space for you. We both need to discuss your business challenges and opportunities without judgment. We may consider many aspects of your life in order to understand the extent of your business challenges and opportunities. All our discussions, notes, calls and other interactions are confidential.


I don’t work to be miserable. I wouldn’t work with you if you were, either. I am choosy about who I work with (you can read more about that in this post …). I promise I’ll focus on positive outcomes. You’ll make choices that provide you with more of the time and energy that you enjoy.


I’ll always recommend that small business owners have a trusted confidant that they regularly work with, given the benefits that such a relationship brings to the business. I promise that if you work with me, I will communicate effectively, ask powerful questions, hold you accountable, keep your information confidential, and we will have fun.

If that sounds like a good fit for you, check you are ready for mentoring in this post and then let us have a conversation …


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Written by: William Buist - all rights reserved.