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Why I won’t work with just anyone.

by | Feb 2, 2023 | Business

I’m often approached for mentoring support. It’s not always the right approach for the prospective client; if it isn’t, I will say no. Mentoring is a special relationship. I described what mentoring is in this post.

I wrote “Intentional Mastery” to provide ambitious and successful business leaders with the clarity they need to stretch themselves even further; to become the master of their market.

If you only started in business recently, then you may not have enough experience in running a business to benefit from my work. Unless you gained relevant experience in an earlier career, I recommend finding a start-up coach to support you as you develop the business skills you’ll need in addition to your specialism.

Even if you have relevant experience or have an established business, you’ll have to be ready to make changes, sometimes difficult ones. I won’t work with people who waste their money on advice they aren’t prepared to implement.

To ensure that we will have a productive and valuable working relationship, I’ll ask you about your business before we agree to work together. Your intentions for your business and yourself are vital; we will explore those in detail. I’ll also expect similar detailed questioning from you (I’ve suggested some questions you might ask if you seek a mentor below). We both need to be sure that your desire to become a master and my skills as a mentor are well suited.

I work with experts in their field, seeking to do the hard work to become the master of their market. You will make a significant investment of both time and money.

Questions to ask before working with a mentor?

Here are some questions you might ask of a prospective mentor:

  1. In what ways will this mentor challenge your thinking?
  2. How will this mentor leave you feeling after each session?
  3. What specific knowledge, skills and experience does this mentor bring?
  4. How will this mentor hold you accountable?

Once you have the answers to these questions, ask yourself:

  • Will this prospective mentor support me in reaching the full extent of my mastery?

What next?

If you are an established expert, willing to make the changes to become the master of your market, and know that you need a mentor to make that happen, then book a call here.


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