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Building Better Business Book Club 

Reading, sharing insights, getting recommendations, staying informed.

The real problem with books…

…is that reading them takes an age. It may take hours you don’t have to fully uncover that you just don’t like the book. It might have no value for you, or it might have a style that you don’t like. Your time is precious and yet you want to learn and develop your own mastery. So what can you do?

The other side of the coin.

I have faced this challenge, but I know that the best books add significant value through the knowledge and insights that they share. In my business mentoring work, I need to be up to date with current business thinking. My goal is to improve not just my own business, and also those of my clients.

Reading the wisdom of others who are masters in their field pushes the boundaries of my knowledge. Sometimes that reinforces what I already know, sometimes it challenges it. Both are useful.

That’s why I decided that it would be useful to have a different sort of “Book Club”.

What is a Book Club?

Book clubs generally work to a formula: you read a book over the course of a month, and then discuss what you took from it, what you liked, what you did not, and what you learned.

Can you see the problem? You still have to commit time to read a book.

How is the Building Better Business (un)Book group different?

Firstly: You don’t have to read any of the books! I will, so you don’t have to. (Of course, you will get your insights if you do.)

Secondly: In the monthly calls which I will host, you’ll get the opportunity to hear what I took from each book. I’ll share the insights I got from the book, how I recommend you apply those insights to your business and why they will be effective. You will have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your business.

Finally: On the call, anyone who has read the book will also be able to share their insights and how they intend to apply what they have learned. I will make sure that everyone on the call will be able to take away practical ideas that you can use to improve your business.

My commitment to you.

  • I’ll read one book every month. The books I am planning to read will be notified to all members of the book group, so you can choose to read it too if you wish.
  • I’ll share in the calls essential insights I’ve had. I’ll do this in the context of a small business that provides services to other small businesses.
  • I’ll encourage others who have read the book to share their insights and actions too.
  • The calls will be recorded. They won’t be public, though. Only those who register and attend the sessions will have access to the recordings. The recordings are for the personal use of attendees only, and I ask that attendees do not share the recordings with others.
  • I will write and publish a short public review of the book each month. It won’t include all the specific actions I recommend in the call.

Join the (un)book group.

You can join the book group here. You’ll find details of the calls here