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“Get There, Love Here!” by Kate Trafford

Kate’s book is “the busy professional’s guide to authentic, enjoyable success”. It’s aimed squarely at business leaders who know that their success, whilst present today, will be greater in the future. Kate’s experience as a business coach extends over 20 years, and this book shares her knowledge, skill and experience extensively.

The book is written in four key sections. First, she looks at what is driving you, the individual, the reader. In the second part, she looks at the adventures you seek, but importantly references this as your “authentic adventure”. This is about finding the place, the work and the mindset where you can deliver at your very best. A place she describes as your “zone of genius”.

For me, part three was the most important. It is about understanding our mind and body. How, when you are at your best, they work in harmony to provide the strength and ability to progress. Yet, this book would be nothing without part four. That is about making sure that, as the title suggests, you “thrive as you drive”. For me, in that section, the most important chapter was chapter 16, which discusses the magic of momentum. It describes setting up systems and talks about monthly, weekly and daily planning and habit stacking. This has always been transformative for me, finding something that is already a habit and adding a new practice to the end of that old one to make sure that it too becomes habitual quickly.

Also in this chapter, Kate talks about co-working. When I wrote my book “Intentional Mastery”, Kate was also writing her book and we worked together at times in co-working sessions. In those sessions, we helped each other to overcome the blocks and challenges we both faced at different times. It is an incredibly powerful way for those with something really important to do to get that work done. That momentum helps to bring results in other areas, too. It’s powerful and effective.

Kate’s final chapter closes the book by discussing the trip of a lifetime, and it’s headed by what I think is one of the most important statements that Steve Jobs made during his career at Apple: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Kate has not, and her work encourages us all to make sure that we do not either.

For Kate’s target market, her readers, this book is a revelation. It’s written in language that speaks to the heart and the minds of those that read it, and it encourages them to take the right action. Action that will enable you to achieve what you truly, authentically, seek.