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Global Mastery

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Business, Business Mastery

I’m just back from a four-day Global Speakers Summit (GSS), which took place in Dublin, Ireland. I’m on the Professional Speaking Association (PSA) board, the U.K.’s membership body for speakers. So it was the PSA’s turn to host the GSS, and it was a success.

Of course, there were fantastic talks. Talks that challenged us in so many ways. There were also workshops that made people think hard about their business, and breakout sessions. Socially, there was networking, lunches, a gala dinner, a comedy night and other fringe events.

Most of all, though, we were back together. Seeing each other in three dimensions for the first time in a long time and seeing people and connecting and laughing. It felt like it had been too long, mainly, I suspect, because it had been. I met many impressive people whom I know will continue to impress. Some already masters of their art: Tim Gard and his humour; David Avrin and his thoughts on running a professional speaking business; Steve Bustin and his mastery at compèring tough crowds; Hillary Briggs, the winner of the emerging speaker competition ‘Speaker Factor’; and many others.

There is something quite special about such gatherings. Not least because there are moments when a few are taken entirely by surprise. The PSA awards the PSAE (The Professional Speaking Award of Excellence) to someone who demonstrates mastery of their profession and contribution to the industry and the association. This year the recipient was my good friend and mastermind buddy, Lee Warren. The image above shows how surprised he was, and how delighted those who know him were.

As an aside, you may think there can’t be many gay, left-handed magicians and entertainers called Lee. Yet there is a small community of such people. There are not, however, any other left-handed magicians called Lee that can command a stage so professionally. Lee Warren can consistently inform, educate, entertain, and support business people. He’s a down-to-earth, intelligent and well-read man who leaves one feeling energised and joyful after every encounter. An exemplar of Mastery.

In section three of my book Intentional Mastery, I explore the importance of Mastering Joy. I often saw joy on the faces of the delegates at this conference. Yet at the dinner on that day, at the moment, you can see it at its best, captured in the image. For me, that was a joy too!


  1. Neerja Singh

    This is the first blog I have read on the event. It resonated heavily given that I was attending too. I loved how you tied it all up with joy and that image you start with. “I often saw joy on the faces of the delegates at the conference”. Lovely.


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