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Stepping up to mastery

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Business, Business Mastery

Over the last few months, I’ve been training for the race to the stones (#RTTS), 62 miles along a national trail called the Ridgeway. When we applied to join this long-distance walk the organisers provided a training plan. As the months have gone by I’ve realised how that training plan has been designed by someone who truly understands how to create the best possible chance of completing the course effectively. It is the work of a master.

Each section of the training was designed to do a different element of what’s required. The first stage was to build fitness. The second is to build strength. The third stage, which I have just completed, builds endurance. The last phase, in the final two weeks, is designed to give the body time to both gather the necessary fuel and embed the training that has taken place.

My initial reaction when I looked at the plan was that it didn’t cover enough distance in any one session given that the race to the stones covers 32 miles on each one of two consecutive days. This weekend required just 16 miles each day, half the distance we will do on race day.

Intentional Design.

Yet, as I approached the end of that plan I realised the mastery with which it had been designed. Distance is not the only challenge here, endurance is important too. The ability to keep stepping. You can’t build endurance unless you have the strength in depth already. You can’t build strength in depth unless you have fitness already. Yet, once you have all three you still need to be fully prepared, ready physically, mentally, and emotionally for the challenge that lies ahead.

Business planning.

Those things are just as important in business. Masters of business follow a similar plan. They build a business that is fit for its purpose. Then they build strength into that business by developing their skills, improving their knowledge, and transforming experience. That builds endurance. That is what becoming more than just a practitioner of your work is all about. Expertise awaits those who put in the effort.

When your business has all three: fitness, strength, and endurance you can then truly appreciate, as I did with the training, how it has prepared you to achieve even more.

It’s not a solo sport.

There’s another important element I learned. You can’t do this alone. You need the right people around you. They motivate, support, encourage, and contribute in many ways. Without my team I know I could not be ready, I would not master this walk. Working with others who have your back is how experts grow. That is why I run mastery groups for those in business who are ready to appreciate their expertise and go further.

It’s time

It’s nearly time for me to walk the 62 miles from Watlington to Avebury, that training is done. I’m ready. Are you ready to take a step towards becoming a master in business? If you are then call me today. 


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