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Strategic Pace

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Business, Risk Management

Over the last few days I have been spending time walking in the southern Brecon Beacons near Abergavenny. Table Mountain, the Sugar Loaf and the Blorange peaks were all steep in places and with beautiful views when I reached the tops.

I’m training for a longer walk in the summer along 60 miles of the Ridgeway, over two days. Much gentler terrain in terms of ups and downs, but much more walking. I know that to be able to make the journey I need to be well prepared. July could be very warm too, so this week’s sunshine and low winds were welcome as part of the training regime. (If you want to sponsor my efforts, please see more details here…)

It’s the same with any medium to long-term goals in business. You need to be prepared, be ready for what is coming. Fitness takes time to develop, and needs care not to move too fast, or too far, too soon. Injuries, mistakes, overdoing it, can mean you get less done, not more. Yet our world rewards us when we go faster every day. It tends to measure achievement by the inputs and effort, rather than the quality of the outputs. The master’s of business know that the better strategy is to use strategic pace. That needs a good plan, a steady series of well designed efforts that mean at the point you need the stamina and strength, it is all ready. It also needs to be able to flex when there are challenges to the plan, so it will have contingency built in.

What are your big goals for the rest of this year? Are you pacing yourself to be sure they will be delivered?


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