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The Anatomy of a Computer Scam.

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Business, Risk Management, Strategy

Broken Computer

Over the weekend I listened to the latest episode of a podcast. It was called “reply all”. In fact, I listened to two episodes from a few years ago and the latest episode which brought the story up to date. It is an entertaining and well-presented story by a journalist who was determined to learn more.

Apart from the fascinating expose that these episodes uncover, there are humourous elements and insight for us all. I couldn’t help wondering, given how easily a legitimate (apparently – make your own judgement) computer support business had descended into scamming. What had caused it? In this case, it was as much about how pay levels and peer pressure. Those two things together had created an environment in which it was enticing for staff to do the wrong thing. Then, they divorced themselves from what they were doing by blaming the victim.

Building Better Business requires thinking about how your Signposting, Systems and Skills discourage and eliminate the possibility of bad service, or worse. The best businesses are designed with the right intentions, but on its own, that is not enough. Are you locking those intentions in by the quality of the design? Have you considered, for example, what happens when you buy in third party services to support your activity? Could you inadvertently leave your customers exposed to a scam?

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