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Six months in, are you ready for the next phase?

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Business

Here we are in the middle of June, 2020. It’s just a little over six months since the appearance of a novel variant of the Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) that causes the disease now known as COVID-19.

Without question this small particle of lipids and RNA has changed the way the world works, thinks and moves about. The first peak of the global pandemic has in most countries, passed. Whether the continued relaxation of controls will facilitate a return of a second wave, or not, remains to be seen. Whether it does, or it does not, few expect that we will return to the same business structures, business models, and business strategies that existed before the virus made its presence felt.

What does that mean for business?

For many of the small businesses that I work with and mentor there has been a shift to a more digital, internet-connected way of working. The intention of the business owners is increasingly to maintain much of that change into the future. They will do less travelling, work for more of the time at home via a computer screen. We will all deliver our knowledge, skills and experience in new and different ways.

Signposting and Sales.

There are some basic principles that remained true regardless of the modality of delivery. Every business has to generate revenue. In order to do so it must attract clients and customers. It has to make its presence known and its value, felt by potential customers and clients. It must attract them to buy the products and services that we create. The signposting and sales processes that businesses have historically used to generate relationships, and understanding, to have meetings, and share experiences, and make proposals & offers almost certainly won’t work in the same way. After the same, when we sign up new clients, and start to work with them. Electronically connected and yet physically separated, we still have to be able to build rapport.

Systems and Skills.

Our customers wanted systems and processes that are no longer be appropriate. Our skills, listening, understanding, reading body language, sharing our knowledge, and providing the services and products may have worked well in a face to face world. Their natural ability to work is now stretched, perhaps broken. Business Systems need to be updated. We need to hone and enhance our skills. New Ways of working will appear.


Of course, there is ourselves. We too may need to change the way that we think and act and exercise. I see many businesses still relying on historical strategies to work for them. They are holding on to a vision, strategic goals, set in a different time, with a different customer expectation. These are now unlikely, perhaps impossible, to deliver. Our world has been fundamentally shaken up. Even if we do not know the practical details of every aspect of how the business will change as a result of COVID-19 it has, in fact, already changed. We must also change our strategies. Are you ready?

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