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Reflections on April 2020

by | May 1, 2020 | Business, Reflections

Its been another hectic month! I’ve been continuing to work with all of the businesses I mentor, but the nature of some of the work has changed as the nationwide lockdown. All of them have been affected by Covid19, either personally through people they know falling ill, or their business has been affected by the restrictions we have had imposed on us.


Yet, I think that there is a key differentiator right now. Watching the news and TV interviews and seeing reports from some sectors leaves an impression that some business people are “hanging on“. For some of them they appear to have almost given up, I can understand how that can feel like it’s the only option. Perhaps they want to blame someone else, I can understand that too. It won’t serve them.

Others, though, are “leaning in” seeking inventive ways to be different. Finding adaptations they didn’t know existed. I think those businesses will thrive. I think that every business owner and leader should aspire to be in this group.

If the intention is to “hang on” in order to “go back” there has to be something to go back to. That doesn’t feel like a viable approach to me. We, as members of the public, have all learned different ways to do so many things that ‘going back’ already seems absurd. For any business to thrive it needs to be leaning in, pushing forwards.


Are you looking at your strategy closely enough?

How are you making sure you see the opportunities? For example, I’ve changed my delivery approach based on meeting my client’s changed expectations. I’ve redesigned my website home page to clarify what I do and for whom. I’ve continued to create and attend networking ‘meetings’, “Start The Week – Building Better Business” is an open networking event on Zoom every Monday morning at 9:00 am for an hour. I’ve also become involved with some very interesting new startups as a result. This pace is the new normal.

What’s next in your plan? How can you accelerate the next phase of your business? What do you still need to reinvent?

In our Start the Week Zoom on Monday we’ll talk about some of the great things that are happening, and share examples. You can register here…

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