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Planning your business in 2020.

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Business, Collaboration, Politics, Risk Management

Strategic Planning

The election is over, the results are in and as business people we now have (some) certainty on the direction of the economy and politics for a few years at least.

Whether you agree with the policies, or not, whether you fear for the trends, or welcome them, we are, it seems heading into a transition phase as we exit the EU which will end, it seems, come what may, at the end of 2020.

All businesses, large or small should use that time wisely. Things will change and even if you only work with clients within the UK, the impacts of the changes will affect elements of the economy and the way business is done with them in unexpected ways. Exporters will have to change their processes, that will take resources away from other work, that other work may affect your work. Business ripples and when a country throws a large rock onto the pond everyone is affected.

This is a time to plan, to think ahead, to think of whom you work with, and importantly who they work with too. Think about the big national measures, GDP, Exchange rates, interest Rates, Inflation. Think about the small business-related things that affect you and your clients directly, travel costs, utility costs, market pressures, and so on. Think about the personal ones, your time, your energy and importantly your health. Don’t just question what might go wrong, think too about what could go really well and plan for how to grasp those opportunities. For the things you identify that might come and disrupt your plans, think about what you can do now to mitigate them.

It’s good to think through your planning every year. For a whole host of reasons, I think that this year is an even more important time to plan than ever.

That’s one reason why I’ve designed a Business Audit. It will guide you so that you focus on the areas of your business that need attention first, and for best effect. Read more about that and take your Audit here… or book arrange a call with William here…


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