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Build a better business? Build a better you!

by | Mar 10, 2019 | Business, Personal

A year ago I joined an online course through a man who has become a good friend, Peter Moorhead. We’d been discussing a number of things whilst asking together in Lech, in Austria. Our conversation came around to health matters. I’d recently parted company with my gall bladder which was rather full of gallstones, and I had also previously been diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, causing constant acid reflux and heartburn. For years I’ve been taking steroid inhalers to inhibit asthma symptoms. All issues I could ‘live’ with and control with daily medicines. My doctor had advised me to be careful with my weight, lose a bit if I could, the best I could manage was to stop getting heavier. I knew I didn’t want to be taking drugs every day, yet that is what I had to do, in many ways I was resigned to it, as being beyond my control.

Peter is an expert in nutrition, fitness and health. I’ve never been good with diets, or exercise regimes, as neither fits into my schedule or lifestyle, and I always end up missing some elements and feeling that I have “failed”. Peter suggested I join his online nutrition course, which he said would change my outlook, my need for daily medicine, and would fit in with my day to day life. I was sceptical, but I trusted Peter (he’s one of the nicest guys I know) and so I did. That course has just ended.

What’s changed?

I don’t ‘diet’ but I am 14 pounds lighter, I don’t take the acid reflux inhibiting drugs, nor the daily inhalers anymore and am asymptomatic for both. I haven’t undertaken a specific regular exercise routine, but I do far more of it. I swim when I can, sometimes for more than an hour at a time. When I started I needed a breather after a few lengths, now I can swim many dozens of lengths of my local pool without a pause. My dog (a Springer Spaniel) gets tired before I do, when we walk, and I feel younger and healthier than I can ever remember. I’ve more time, more energy, more life than I have had for years. When I went skiing this year, I was never in pain, never exhausted, and was much, much more confident in my own skills.

More than that though, the course has shown me how I form habits, and how I can break them. Not just in the area of nutrition, although that is where I learned these skills. I’ve built strong habits of emotional awareness, and mental resilience, as well as dramatically improving my physical wellbeing. Those insights have affected many aspects of my life and as a result my business is better too. I’m more focused than ever and can concentrate more deeply and for longer. My attention on client outcomes is stronger, as are the results they get. I’m a better mentor, a better speaker, a better facilitator, a better skier, and more.

I am a better me.

Peter’s LinkedIN Profile is here >>> – Do get in touch with him if you need to form better nutrition and fitness habits, and if you do, then let me know, and I’ll share my personal learnings to support your journey.

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  1. Peter Moorhead

    I cannot describe how pleased I am that you have had such a positive experience, William.
    I particularly noted that you have transferred what you have learned about habits, continuity and awareness into your personal and business life as well because I too, feel the same.

    Congratulations William and may you continue to enjoy and longer, healthier and more active life.


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