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How to Make Change Fast or Make Change Slow

by | Oct 16, 2017 | Business, Collaboration, Risk Management

Business Change – The Merger of Lloyds and TSB

In the mid 1990’s Lloyds and TSB announced a merger. It was not dreamed up in a moment on the morning of the announcement. A lot of work had been done, the finances analysed, the deal terms explored, the merger planned at a high level. The communications were prepared and when the right moment came along, the merger was announced. Most people, including myself, newly in post at TSB insurance, were unaware that this change was about to happen.

Societal Change – The End of Apartheid

F W De Klerk, was the last leader of an apartheid government in South Africa. His presidency oversaw one of the extraordinary transitions from one system, one government, one way of running a nation to a very different one. Very different changes and yet there are some striking similarities and lessons from both.


Transformation can be so large and the prize for success so big that it can be hard for anyone to visualise the whole process. Some fear it is happening too fast, others too slow. Some are advocates seeing the opportunity, others resist seeing only the risks.

When you think about the last big change you witnessed (or were part of) :
• Was the final outcome what you expected in the moment you heard the news?
• Were you curious or concerned or both?
• What was the most important thing for you?

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