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Strategy, In your business, who is going to make it real?

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Business

Strategy - Do business in focus and on purpose.

I’ve worked on strategy with owners of businesses for many years. It’s tough, sometimes very tough. When the business started, it was exciting, there are new skills to learn, and everything appeared in reach. Quickly though it is clear that whatever experience you have, it’s not enough to cover every aspect of the business. Then One day someone asks you to do something that doesn’t quite fit your vision, but the money’s good. Someone refers you to someone asking for support still further from your vision and it’s difficult to refuse. You hire people and the business grows and all looks great until one day you wake up and no longer recognise what you have, it’s not as special as it once was. Or is it?

I’ve seen that journey often. It usually leads to good businesses, successful ones, yet it can be unexciting, even demotivating. Sometimes such businesses just fail to reach their potential. Business owners that stop from time to time, who examine their businesses with a fresh eye, who act strategically end up back on track. Re-energised, excited, motivated, enjoying the work they do and whose clients, perfect for their mission, love it. Small changes rather than radical ones, strategically implemented to do business in focus and on purpose.

When it comes to strategy are you leading your market, or allowing it to lead you? Are you shaping your business by design, or is it being shaped by the markets you operate in? Are you working more hours than you want for a smaller return than you expected?

Strategy Workshop

I’ve created a workshop to take the first step to being back in control. Having the time you need, so that you are working with clients whom you know are perfect, and having them seek you out.  If you need to put more strategy into your business, then who will make it real? You, or the markets?

Join me on October 5th – Details here….


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