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How to stay on the path to success, and what comes next?

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Business

A clear path…

Sustainable businesses aren’t static, they are dynamic and aim for the future. They have a well marked path that plans how they will get to the next destination.

… even with uncertainty beyond…

Enduring businesses have vision. They know where they are going, even when the path they need to follow has ambiguity, necessary twists and turns, invisible and, as yet, unidentified challenges. They do have clarity about the things that need to be done now to move the business on, even if what lies further on is unclear.

No procrastination….

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut that delays taking action because there is uncertainty about the next action to take, a desire to see the whole plan, complete. What is the experience of doing that? Something unexpected will change things anyway.

We know if travelling to a friend and take a wrong turn we can easily replan our route and still arrive on time, as long as we recognise the error. Planning in detail is for the next part of the journey, and when you reach the gate, there’s a chance to see what lies ahead and plan the next stage.

Don’t stop to plan the whole journey, plan to check and plan again.


What lies beyond the gate will guide your business to its destination. Travel well.


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