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How Walking Shoulder to Shoulder Makes Agreement Easier.

by | Jun 18, 2017 | Business

We spend our time in business in meetings, sitting either side of desks, looking each other in the eye. What happens when we change that dynamic?

Walking shoulder to shoulder means that you have almost the same view as others, the hierarchy embedded in office cultures dissipates, and together, shoulder to shoulder you can jointly step up towards your goals. Cooperation, a frequent consequence of walking together, becomes harder when you are face to face, confronting each other.

In the video snippet (taken from a longer talk about collaboration) I make the point that being shoulder to shoulder with others is a sign of cooperation, perhaps not yet collaboration. Until there are aligned goals and until everyone agreed that none of you succeeds unless all of you succeed, there is only cooperation, but that is powerful and meaningful too. Walking outside also allows your horizon to be broadened and gives you headroom to reach for the skies.

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