Build a better business of which
you will always be proud

Working with business owners seeking the courage
and confidence to build a better business

You are a business owner who is determined to make a difference through your work. You want to find more of the right clients, consistently, at the right price, so that your skills and experience can lift you both to ever greater success.

You have a great business. What would make it even better?

Uncover the confidence to
Building Better Business.

Unlock the blocks and barriers to
Building Better Business.

Call William today to start
Building Better Business.


Focus your intentions.


Develop the strategies you need.


Do the right things, at the right time.

Your business is part of who you are.

Do you fully understand all aspects of running your business?

Are your income and profit sufficient and consistent?

Are you making effective decisions, every time?

Do you have enough time for all the things you enjoy?

Uncovering Insights

Better understanding of your business, its strategic intention and your markets.

Using simple, easy to understand approaches, uncover the insight you need to be Building Better Business.

Reliable profits

Better alignment to your intention and stronger focus on your approach.

Consistently deliver the right value in order to be Building Better Business.

Better decisions

Better inform your decisions with an unbiased, business confidant; identify options and analyse the right data.

Better decisions mean you will be Building Better Business.


William is a confidant, an experienced and confidential business mentor. If you know your business could be better, whether that’s bigger, less stressful, faster, or something else, then mentoring could be powerful for you. Find out about what mentoring is in this post (click). It’s not for everyone. It’s important to find a good fit between you and your mentor. You can read more about why I don’t work with just anyone here (click). Are you ready? Find out what “ready” means here (click) and if you then let’s have a conversation.

Working with William

You need to make changes to reconnect with what matters most to you, and through questioning, analysis and sharing of experience, we will distil the essence of what you need to do, and plan how to do those things.

My promise to you is that I will be honest, curious, and support your ambitions without jargon, and with clarity and care. Together, we will create the space for you to think about, design, and be Building Better Business. Read more of my promise here…


An initial strategic oversight session will clarify how your business operates, and what a better business would look like for you. This session will give you increased understanding and control and allow you to immediately improve.


We will agree what has to change for you to build a better business. As your strategic imperatives, and guiding principles guide your decisions, your focus will be enhanced and the results will flow.


Strategy without action is just hot air. Take the right actions at the right time and everything improves. Our regular review and mentoring sessions keep you focused, building better business every day. 

I have a well-developed ability to ask the right question to unlock your blocks and barriers. Those questions may, at times, appear difficult and uncomfortable, and you might otherwise avoid them. Yet together they let us develop, gain and share insight into your way of working. Rather than remaining unasked, these crucial, vital questions give you a clear understanding of what has to be done.

When the answers aren’t comfortable, you need a supporting, non-judgemental, steady hand to assist as we sift through the new information. Central to our work is that you feel at the heart of the process, in control of what happens and your decisions.  Through our work together you will feel empowered to confidently build a better business. 


I have engaged William over a period of years and have found him to be insightful, knowledgeable and a valuable sounding board to support the growth of the business.

Amanda Vickers

CEO, Speak First

William’s got a real knack of seeing things in a different way and constantly challenges me to question my assumptions, as well as providing a framework to work through plans. He’s unblocking seemingly intractable issues and I’m filled with excitement.

Antony Adler

Director, Cascade Group

William is terrific. He guided me through a process that gave me the exact clarity I needed and the precise next steps to make the business come alive. I walked away knowing exactly what has to happen next and with a real confidence. Even better – the time with William was stimulating, laser-focused on what I actually needed (with no ‘workshop filler’) and lots of fun.

Lee Warren

Professional Speaker

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Building Better Business.